Why You Should be a Dreamer

be a dreamer


Dreamers usually get a bad reputation. People think our heads are in the clouds. They think we’re too focused on abstract ideas. The truth is that dreamers are the ones who entertain, invent and keep life interesting for everyone else. If everyone were practical there would never be new technology, art or business. That urge to dream up a new idea, technique or project exists within some of us. Who starts the companies that practical people work for? Who creates the concepts that keep us entertained? Who explores the world and all of its possibilities? Dreamers.


But us dreamers also have to take action. This was a lesson I took a long time to learn. I’ve had big dreams since I was a child. I was surrounded by nothing but practical and realistic, but still pushed through. Lately, I’ve gotten much better at taking actual steps towards any new dreams and goals. Don’t get too practical though. The wild, crazy, impossible sounding ideas are often the best. We can see this concept in action when looking at entertainment.


Which movies attract the most audience and attention? The ones with wild, crazy, impossible sounding premises. An alien world with giant blue people, that can be experienced through an avatar sounds nuts. A team of super heroes, fighting aliens and the adopted brother of a god from another planet is certifiably insane. Those premises sound like dreams or maybe nightmares that you have after eating fast food at 3am. Maybe they were. The point is they aren’t very practical sounding. Someone with their ‘head in the clouds’ dreamed up these movie premises. As a result, millions of otherwise practical people saw Avatar and The Avengers. Without the dreamers, no movie. Writers, directors, actors, designers-all dreamers.

Dreams Are Forever


We all have dreams and goals. We all feel that we’re put her for some special purpose. Some people pursue that purpose. Others give it up. You can say that dreamers are a stubborn bunch. Don’t let the negative stigma of being a dreamer stop you from exploring your heart’s desires. Cliche I know, but we generally pursue something because that’s what is in our hearts. Without the dreamers of the world we’d have no art, technology, business or adventure.
Keep dreaming. All of those practical people need you.


I’d love to hear from you. Share your positive or negative experience with pursuing your dreams.

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