Dream it. Plan it. Do it.

Kacey launched The Dreamer’s Loft for the free spirited rebels of the world. A lover of style, culture and travel, Kacey designed The Dreamer’s Loft for the woman who wants to look and feel her personal best, create the life of her dreams and discover the world around her. Every dreamer should live an extraordinary life, without apologies.

Ramp up your beauty inside and out, explore, learn and grow. Get a dose of wit, a dose of fun and tips, tools and inspiration to design the outrageous, incredible life of your fantasies. If you’re bold, rebellious and curious about life, you’ve found your home. Welcome to the Dream Loft!

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5 Fun Facts about Kacey


1.  She has over 10 nicknames from various family and friends

2. She likes to imagine that she’s Carmen Jones and faux sing Habanera/Dat’s Love

3. Her favorite movie is The Princess Bride, followed closely by Thelma and Louise

4. Her comfort food growing up was Mac & Cheese

5. She has studied judo and might still flip you



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